Angela Griffith for GMSD School Board Position 4

I'm Angela Griffith. As someone who was raised in Germantown and attended its schools, I appreciate our city’s history and have an intrinsic pride in our great community. As a parent of children who currently attend GMSD schools, I understand the benefit of having a small, locally-run school district.

I'm running for GMSD School Board because I recognize that the best way for our school district to successfully continue its pursuit of excellence, is by working together with the community. All Germantown residents are vested stakeholders in the interest of our locally-run schools. I believe with our growing community, we must have a confident school board that is willing to ask the necessary questions, listen to the concerns of the citizens and objectively guide the district through its next season of expansion. 

Let's take the next step, together.

My platform is a two-pronged approach that combines advocacy and accountability to help our district and our community take the next step, together.

First, I will advocate for all facets of our district while also holding our school district accountable to our stakeholders—the students and residents of Germantown.

  • As an advocate for our students, I will pursue all educational and wellness programs that increase their ability to be their best selves and positive contributors in society—taking into consideration the whole student, not just their academic measurements.
  • As an advocate for our educators, administrators and staff, I will seek to provide the necessary tools to empower them so they can, in turn, offer their specialized educational services to each student based on the student’s individual needs. The burden of our crowded schools has rested heavily on these members of our district and as their advocate I will keep this in mind when assessing our allowed capacity versus our optimal capacity.
  • As an advocate for our district, I will foster, develop and maintain relationships with the Tennessee Board of Education and Department of Education, our state legislature and our local mayor and aldermen. This close collaboration and open communication will help us stay current and compliant on the laws that govern our school system and effectively manage the funding received from our federal, state and local governments.

Second, I expect to be held accountable for my decisions by the citizens if elected. I will therefore hold the district accountable for its actions as it pertains to policy oversight and implementation.

Being accountable not only means taking responsibility for the things that you or your organization say and do, but it also includes admitting when an error has been made. Recognizing and identifying potential areas of improvement is a constant process, that if seen as an opportunity, can reap tremendous benefits for our district and its stakeholder partners.

As your school board member, I will listen to your concerns, ask the tough questions and be your voice.

I humbly ask for your vote, Angela Rickman Griffith for GMSD School Board, Position 4.    



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